Three Of The Best Archaeological Museums To Visit

When museums house a good collection of human-made artefacts and objects, we are able to learn so much about our ancestors and feel like we can almost step back in time. Experience this for yourself at one of these top museums, all of which boast unique and carefully curated collections.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

With a collection of artefacts that dates back to the earliest remnants of human civilization, a visit to this museum is guaranteed to leave you feeling like you’ve had your mind blown. A clear route guides you through chronological ages, and there are plenty of boards around to explain some of the key facts and information. You can also take part in a guided tour, to really get to grips with some of the artefacts on display.

Naples National Archaeological Museum

Housing the majority of the finds discovered in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other sites buried by the eruption of Vesuvius, this museum is a real treasure trove of Graeco-Roman history. Admire the stunning mosaics, the fine jewelry, the intricate pottery and incredible statues. There is even an age-restricted room, which displays some of the more obscene and shocking elements of daily Pompeian life.

Capitoline Museums, Rome

These museums, situated just above the Roman forum on the ancient Capitoline hill, display many artefacts from different Roman eras. Some of the objects are pre-Roman, and represent a world of pastoral simplicity which we can only imagine now. There are also some stunning, grand statues, including a famous representation of the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius on horseback.

Archaeology is one of the ways we can get in touch with the past, as we observe, ponder and interact with the objects fashioned and held by our ancestors. If you’re visiting one of these cities, don’t miss the opportunity to visit these incredible museums.