Three Of The Best Christmas Markets Around Europe

Frankfurt Christmas Market, Germany
Photo by on Unsplash

What’s more fun than a Christmas market? With free samples to try, intoxicating aromas in the air, a general sense of Christmas cheer and plenty of exciting gift ideas, it’s no wonder that across Europe these markets are some of the most popular tourist destinations. If you’re planning on getting into the festive spirit in the coming months, here are three of the best markets to try.

Frankfurt, Germany

This German city gets transformed throughout the months of October to December, to become a true winter wonderland. Wander from stall to stall, sampling some of the free gluhwein and admiring the traditional music piping from street corners. Despite the cold, the city takes on a warm, cosy feeling, and you’re guaranteed to find unique gifts from the sprawling market.

Vienna, Austria

One of Europe’s most beautiful cities is a natural stage for Christmas festivities. With cafes serving cream cakes and steaming cups of hot cocoa, you’ll find plenty to fuel you around the Christmas market. Don’t forget to stop and admire the stunningly traditional decorations adorning the city. Do be aware that this is one of Europe’s most popular Christmas markets, so it may be best to visit earlier in the season, before the crowds descend.

Edinburgh, UK

The Scottish captial really delivers when it comes to festive charm. The beauty of the city is a great backdrop for glittering lights and bustling market stalls. Check out some of the delicious Scottish delicacies (what says Christmas better than smoked salmon and barrel-aged whisky?) and enjoy minging with the jolly crowds who are all here to catch a bit of that festive magic.

Many cities across Europe host Christmas markets, but the three listed here are ome of the finest. Wrap up warm, bring some bags, and prepare to mingle with the crowds at one of these stunning markets.