These Are the Most Spectacular Wine Valleys on Earth

Wine-growing regions are always nice to visit, but I think that there’s something about a wine valley that makes it even more special. Nestled between two high-altitude places, valleys usually contain rivers...

These Are the Biggest Music Festivals in the World

Reckon Coachella is the biggest music festival in the world? Think again. These five festivals pull in millions of visitors each year and some of them don't cost a thing to enter.

This Bolivian Hotel is Made Entirely of Salt

Some architects design hotels with brick. Others design theirs with metal and glass. But finding one that’s built with salt is pretty strange, but believe it or not, it can be found...

The Most Dangerous Places In The World

Ever wondered where NOT to go on your holiday? Some of these places are so dangerous that they are considered to be inhabitable by humans. Snake Island, Brazil

These Cities Have the Best Weather on Earth

While cities such as Paris and New York are some of the best and most popular tourist destinations on Earth, you’re never assured to have a beautiful day when traveling there.

How to Get the Perfect Picture of the Bolivian Salt Flats

Salar de Uyuni is on many of our bucket lists. It's a stunning natural landscape and is the subject of some of the most breathtaking photos we have ever seen.

These Former Prisons Are Open to the Public and Hold Amazing History

Old prisons may not seem like a luxury destination, but they might be worth a visit. They have stories that not many people have heard, say a lot about the country they...

Cartagena, Colombia is a Perfect Getaway

While cities in Colombia such as Medellin and Bogota might have more name recognition, the Caribbean city of Cartagena is a destination that will show you a whole new side of this...

Panama: the Crossroads of the Americas

When one thinks of Panama it's usually something in connection with international finance and banking or shipping and commerce, you know, the usual boring stuff. But rarely does...

Uruguay’s a Great Option if You Want to Take it Easy

South America is a continent that has a ton of beautiful countries to visit. One of the top places to visit for anyone looking to travel to this region of Earth is...

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