Can Alternative Spots Be Better Than The Originals?

These ‘alternative’ places are as good as their famous twins. They look the same and have the same historical value. So, if you like traveling and history, visit these free destinations! 

These are the United States’ Best Major Airports

Looking to fly in the United States? There are definitely some outdated and unpleasant airports in America, but there are others that stand out for being a great place to travel through.

Discover These Up and Coming Southern Music Cities Before Everyone Else Does!

You might think New York and L.A. are the only places where music thrives, but watch out because these southern cities are taking over! Durham, North Carolina

You Have to Get to Lexington, Kentucky Stat!

Lexington, Kentucky is known for horseback breeding and riding, tons of historic homes, bluegrass music, and more. Kentucky is a magical state and visiting Lexington gives you such a great idea...

If You Love Quirky Themed Bars, This NYC Joint is the Place for You!

There are so many different bars in New York City; something to fit everyone's taste. And if you're someone who loves a serious throwback bar, Home Sweet Home is the place for...

Whistler: An Olympic Resort Town With The Best Bike Park Around

Whistler is a famous ski resort town just north of Vancouver, Canada. It was made even more famous when the Olympic Winter Games took place here in 2010. With world-class skiing in...

These are the Best Southern Restaurants in Washington, DC

There's a lot of debate about what constitutes the south. Some people argue that anything under the Mason-Dixon line is in the south, which does include Washington, DC, but there are still...

How to Snorkel With Manatees In Florida’s Crystal River

The Crystal River in Florida is 70 miles north of Tampa. Here, you can snorkel with magnificent manatees - aquatic creatures which can weigh over 3,000 pounds. Crystal River...

These Are the Top Restaurants in Miami

Miami is known for its amazing nightclubs, incredible blue waters, and party attitude. However, Miami is also home to some of the best restaurants made up from the melting pot of people...

Pink Sand Beaches For Picture Perfect Holidays

Dreaming of an Instagram perfect holiday? These are the pink sand beaches that holiday bloggers are using to make us green with envy. Elafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece

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