Here’s Why the Azores, Portugal are a Perfect Destination

A volcanic crater in Azores, Portugal
Azores, Portugal. Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

The Azores are an archipelago in the Atlantic Sea and one of the autonomous regions of Portugal. Located about 1400 km west of Lisbon, these islands are very different from mainland Europe and a very popular travel destination. If you want to plan a trip to somewhere incredible, then the Azores could be perfect. Here are some reasons why. 

Stunning Views

There are various nicknames for the Azores including the ‘Hawaii of Europe’ and the ‘island of colors’ which help to explain just how beautiful it is there. Sparkling turquoise waters surround the volcanic islands which are exploding with trees and plants to create the most vibrant mixture of colors and textures which are impossible to get bored of. 

Perfect for Hiking

The hilly islands are ideal for trekking across to enjoy the unbelievable views and to feel completely one with nature. If you’re willing to hike out into the wilderness then you’ll be rewarded with secluded natural pools with thermal springs and waterfalls. You can simply sit and take in the serene area or take a plunge into the reviving waters. 

Lovely Chilled Atmosphere

As well as enjoying the wonders of nature, there are so many ways to simply rest and relax on the islands. There are plenty of idyllic coastal villages and hidden towns, where you’ll find super friendly people and some seriously delicious local food and drink.