10 Things to Do In New York Which Won’t Cost You a Dime

New York City is notoriously expensive. Fortunately, there are a lot of great activities in the city which won't cost you a thing. Here are some of our favorites.

There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Visit Africa – Here Are The Best Ones!

Africa is one of the most diverse and beautiful continents on the planet.  It has something for everyone - whether you seek nature, history, adrenaline or something completely different.  

Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Tipaza, Algeria

Algerian city Tipaza, also known by the name Tipasa during the Romanian period, is one of the most charming coastal spots on the Algerian shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

These Are the Best Beauty Brands in Europe!

Europe has so much amazing fashion and shopping, and if you love unique beauty brands, these are the places you have to look out for. Sweden

Three Ways to Discover The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert in North Africa is one of the most fascinating and attention-grabbing travel destinations on Earth if you're a nature lover. The massive, sweeping sand dunes and curious animal and...

5 Alternative Things to Do In Puerto Rico

Heading to Puerto Rico and aren't sure where to visit? Skip out on the tourist route and check out these five unusual places to visit on the island.

Top Reasons to Visit the Magical Greek Island of Santorini

Greece is home to countless beautiful island, each with its own special charm, but Santorini tops the list of the country’s most scenic attractions. If you still haven’t had a chance to...

The Safest Neighborhoods to Stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city to visit in Thailand. However, it isn't necessarily always the safest city, so you do have to be careful. If you're traveling by yourself or are just...

Looking for a Beach Holiday? You Should Travel to Africa

When one thinks of a stunning beach setting, one typically begins to think of Caribbean islands or big surf spots out in the Pacific. However, beaches in and around Africa are definitely up there...

Top 5 Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

If you are a fan of roller coasters, then Six Flags: Magic Mountain is an absolute must for your bucket list. It has some of the tallest, fastest and most innovative coasters...

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