Three Of The Best Parks In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Fons Heijnsbroek on Unsplash

Amsterdam is a great city to visit, whether you’re planning a weekend break or a longer trip. One of the best features of the city is its amount of green space, so if you’re visiting the Dutch capital, make sure you check out at least one of these great parks.


Situated centrally, just across from the Rijksmuseum, this green space is essentially one giant field. What it lacks in terms of landscaping and pretty plants, it makes up for in terms of access to recreational outdoor activities. Come here in summer and kick a ball around, play a game of catch, run laps, play chase with your dog—the attitude in this park is laid back and relaxed, so settle in for a whole day of fun in the sun.

Park de Oeverlanden

This huge park offers opportunities for wild swimming, relaxing on the (artificial) beach, following a nature trail, grabbing a cup of coffee in one of its cafes or simply sitting and admiring all that greenery. It will require a metro or tram out of the city centre, but the trip is definitely worth it if you’re craving some open space during your time in Amsterdam.


This park, a short walk from the main canal ring and city centre, is generally peaceful and relaxed. With some access to water via the river that runs alongside the green space, this park feels like you’re at the edge of the urban space, even though really you’re fairly central. Stop off for a drink or ice cream at one of the charming snack huts, or while away the afternoon with a book.