What You Must Know About Airline Status Matching

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Photo by Nahima Aparicio on Unsplash

Have you ever considered switching your airline loyalty? Well, if this is you, then you won’t want to lose your hard-earned points when you do. Here is what you need to know about airline status matching so that you can keep enjoying your loyalty points as you switch to the airline of your choice.

Before simply signing up, it’s important to understand what status matching means. This is a process where another airline allows you to join their loyalty program and keep your status from your existing frequent flyer program in the hopes that you will switch your allegiance. Naturally, there are numerous benefits to this type of program.

Firstly, this enables you to test the waters with another airline before fully committing. You may also get the opportunity to use points with an airline that has more suitable flight routes for your lifestyle. This could include extra baggage, priority check-in, and airport lounge access.

If you’re interested in trying this program, head to the website of your preferred airline and submit your application. Remember, each airline will have its own qualifications for this program so this may make you eligible for only a select amount of airlines’ status-matching initiatives.