Going to Sidney? You Should Visit These Four Lesser-known Beaches

Photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash

It’s difficult to say how come beaches are better than others, but the view and the sand have the main word. Although you will enjoy on almost every beach in Sydney, here are a few beaches that we recommend you to visit for having an exceptional time.

Bronte Beach 

This beach is ideal for the whole family- it has a natural rock pool ideal for kids, a park and wonderful view. Lot of surfers and swimmers enjoy and practice here. 

Whale Beach 

This beach is perfect for sunrises, since its facing east. The golden sand is sweeping through your toes, lifeguards are patrolling and you can enjoy your lunch in Whale Beach Deli on an airy terrace.

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Palm Beach 

One of the most beautiful beaches, with golden sand in length of two kilometers, is located on the north of Sydney. Popular for surfing, it has a 50-meter rock pool suitable for swimming. Barrenjoey Beach is smaller and is perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and of course, swimming. 

Balmoral Beach 

Surrounded by forest, palms and gorgeous houses, this beach is contained of two curvy beaches: Balmoral to south and Edwards to the north. Long for about 1,3 kilometers, is perfect for a getaway.