Three Wonderful Spots For Swimming With Whale Sharks In Central America

Photo by Michael Liao on Unsplash

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and are one of the most remarkable creatures to encounter up close. They are harmless to humans and can grow up to 18 meters in length. For perspective, that is the length of two double-decker buses.

Here are the best spots in Central America where you can swim with the magnificent vegetarians.

Cano Island, Costa Rica

You can swim with whale sharks in Cano Island and may also spot manta rays and the slow-moving nurse shark swimming along the ocean floor. Cano Island is a popular dive spot but you can also catch the sharks snorkeling as well.

Utila, Honduras

The island of Utila is surrounded by whale shark-infested waters. The creatures inhabit the waters all year round so it’s an ideal place to visit if you want to guarantee you will see one.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Cancun is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Central America. In addition to the incredible luxury resorts Cancun offers, the resort city is also nearby Isla Mujeres, where you can spot whale sharks between the months of May and September.