Serbia’s Beautiful Waterfalls Will Take Your Breath Away

Lisine Waterfall. Photo by Wise Clown on Unsplash

If you enjoy exploring small countries with untapped potential, Serbia will be your cup of tea. Its natural beauty knows no bounds, and you’ll see it in a whole new light after discovering these spectacular waterfalls.

Tupavica Waterfall

Safely tucked away in the heart of the Balkan Mountains, this 15-meters high waterfall is a sight to behold. You’ll be transfixed as you watch water drip over the rocks, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit it in spring or fall.

Prskalo Waterfall

One of Serbia’s best-hidden secrets, Prskalo is one of the most unusual waterfalls you’ll ever see. Drops of water slowly drip from an imposing 15-meter high rock formation, making for a truly breathtaking sight.

Pilj Waterfall

One of Serbia’s highest waterfalls has only been discovered two decades ago due to its secluded location near the Bulgarian border, but its natural beauty makes it worth the trip.

Lisine Waterfall

Unlike many other waterfalls in Serbia, Lisine aka Veliki Buk is pretty easily accessible. It was long considered the highest waterfall in Serbia, and many restaurants and trails were built around it, making it extremely popular with tourists.