Most Common Hotel Scams You Should Be Aware of When Traveling

Hotel Reception desk
Photo by Random Institute on Unsplash

While hotels are usually considered the safest accommodation options for travelers, you should still be cautious when staying in one. Scammers developed various techniques to exploit the trust you have in hotels and scam you out of your money, valuables, and personal information.

Continue reading to find out some of the most common hotel scams you should be aware of when traveling.

Front Desk Call Scam

This scam will see the scammer calling your hotel room and saying that they have some issues with your credit card. They will then ask you to confirm the credit card details via phone and later use them to make large purchases. They usually do this in the middle of the night when you are likely to just give them the info they are looking so you can go back to sleep.

Room Inspection Scam

You might get a visit from hotel room inspectors, but know that these are mostly scammers who want to steal your stuff. They will tell you they need to do a routine inspection, and one of them will try to keep you engaged in a conversation while others go through your things and steal anything of value.

Food Delivery Menu Scam

You might see a food delivery menu that was slipped underneath your hotel room door and be tempted to order something. Don’t. This menu was likely distributed by scammers who will try to get your credit card information without any intention to deliver you food. Usually, the hotel’s menu will be digital or already sitting in the room when you check in.