Best Books to Bring on Your Trip in 2023

Man reading
Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Need something to keep you entertained during the dull periods of your next trip? Then, a book is your best option. It is convenient to pack and carry everywhere while providing you with hours of entertainment. If you don’t know which one to bring, check out some of our recommendations below.

Unravelling the Silk Road – Chris Aslan

If you are heading to Asia, then Unravelling the Silk Road by Chris Aslan should be among your top choices. The book will help you have a better understanding of the Silk Road and its impact on history while containing experiences by the author, who spent a big part of his life living in regions that this famous trade route connected.

A Diver’s Guide to the World – Carrie Miller & Chris Taylor

Those looking to spend their vacation at a beach will find A Diver’s Guide to the World by Carrie Miller & Chris Taylor quite intriguing. The book not only contains illustrated tips and advice for divers but also packs exciting stories about the world under the water surface alongside recommendations for the best diving spots.

Walking with Nomads – Alice Morrison

Nomads have made their entire life out of traveling. Scottish explorer Alice Morrison decided to join the nomad people of Morocco to see what their everyday life looks like and discover places to which their travels lead them. She describes the experience in Walking with Nomads while sharing all sorts of other exciting stories told to her by nomads.