Fans of Modern Architecture Have to See These Buildings in Brisbane, Australia

Photo by Brisbane Local Marketing on Unsplash

Brisbane is home to dozens of high-rises and skyscrapers, but some of its most spectacular buildings aren’t defined by their height. They manage to impress architecture lovers without being imposing and tall, and these three modern buildings are the best example.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

From the moment you see the exterior of Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, you know you’re up for a spectacular experience. Its gleaming white walls and unusual structure give it a unique look and make it seem like something you could easily see on another planet.

State Library of Queensland

State Library of Queensland is a safe haven for bookworms visiting Brisbane, but architecture lovers will enjoy it just as much. Designed by architecture firms Donovan Hill and Peddle Thorp, this building won several notable awards for its revolutionary design.

Queensland Art Gallery

Together with several other buildings in the Queensland Cultural Precinct, Queensland Art Gallery is one of the best examples of brutalist architecture in Brisbane. It’s composed of imposing white concrete blocks, which also expand through its interior.