The “Immersive Van Gogh” Experience is Heading to the West Coast

Image via ChinaImages/depositphotos

“Immersive Van Gogh”, one of the most popular pandemic art events is heading to the West Coast. The event, which debuted in Toronto, Canada in July, before opening in Chicago this month, is a multisensory experience that allows visitors to walk through the famous Van Gogh painting. How cool is that?

The experience is set to open in San Francisco on March 18 and Los Angeles on May 27.

The exhibit includes music, movement, light, and color, which gives the scenes a feeling of active life with the moving landscapes. Some of the many paintings visitors can walk through include “Irises”, “Sunflowers”, and “Starry Night”. The organizers of the event have promised 500,000 cubic feet of projections as well as 60,600 video frames set to music.

The exhibit will run through September 6, 2021 in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Tickets start at $39.99 for adults and $24.99 for children 16 and under. In total, it takes around an hour to walk through the exhibit.

At all locations, face masks, temperature checks, and social distancing will be required. Touchless methods are being used for taking tickets and social distancing markers made of lights are being used to make sure guidelines are followed.