Best Podcasts for Solo Women Travelers

Woman Stands on Rooftop
Photo by FOERDER ZONE from Pexels

Welcome to the club of solo women travelers! Without a doubt, solo travel is an adventure filled with thrilling discoveries and… the occasional mystery meal (because the menu was in a language your app couldn’t translate). So to keep you company and offer some sage advice, here are a few podcasts to check out. 

Women Who Travel

Produced by Condé Nast Traveler, the Women Who Travel podcast dives into the realities of traveling as a woman today. It features inspiring stories from female travelers, practical advice on navigating different cultures, and discussions on breaking down barriers. 

She Explores

She Explores is a podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside. While it covers all forms of outdoor adventures, many episodes focus on solo travel and the unique experiences of women traveling alone. The podcast features interviews with women from diverse backgrounds, sharing their experiences, challenges, and the transformative power of travel. 

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

While not exclusively for women or solo travelers, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast features episodes that are particularly relevant to solo female travelers. Host Amanda Kendle explores topics like the kindness of strangers, overcoming travel fears, and how traveling alone changes you.