This is Why You Should Try Cross-Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing
Photo by jasper guy on Unsplash

Cross-country skiing has been around for a while but is still less well-known than the super popular downhill skiing. Whether you’re a big fan of skiing and want to try a different version, or have never tried any snow sports before, cross-country skiing is a great winter activity to try out.

Perfect Way to Enjoy Winter

If you’re someone who loves winter scenery and finds snow and ice beautiful, then cross-country skiing is perfect. It’s a way to access some stunning views and landscapes that may be covered in deep snow. Think of it like a snow walk with equipment to make it easier to move.

Gentler and Easier Than Downhill Skiing

If you’ve ever been tempted by skiing or are a seasoned skier, but are looking for something less intense, then cross-country skiing is perfect. You’re much less likely to injure yourself, and it’s much kinder on your knees and other joints. 

Incredible Exercise

Despite being gentler than downhill skiing, it’s still an amazing whole-body workout. Similar to walking, it’s the kind of exercise that doesn’t feel too strenuous in the moment but will get your heart pumping and muscles working hard.