Sights to See in Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka. Photo by Tharoushan Kandarajah on Unsplash

History, spirituality, and gorgeous scenery. That’s a pretty apt way to sun up Sri Lanka. The South Asian country is not the first on many people’s bucket lists, but these are some reasons why it deserves a rightful spot.


The capital city of Sri Lanka draws on elements of its Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial past. Here you can visit museums and markets, as well as indulge in Sri Lankan cuisine. Sample favorites like curry and rice, and hoppers. Lovers of the sport should check out the Cricket Club Café, and definitely have a cup of Ceylon tea.

The Sigiriya

Sri Lanka has a long history involving many kings. In the 5th century, King Kashyapa usurped his father King Dhatusena, taking his place on the throne. As he was an illegitimate child, Kashyapa was not the rightful heir and feared that his half-brother would return to take the crown. So what did Kashyapa do? He built an elaborate fortress. The Sigiriya, also known as the Lion’s Rock, features some of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world, as well as the ruins of the palace and citadel that Kashyapa built.

Temple of the Tooth

As legend goes, before the body of Buddha was cremated, one of his teeth was saved. The relic is now housed in Kandy, in what is appropriately known as the Temple of the Tooth. Buddhists from around the world come here to pray, and between the months of July and August, a colorful procession is held called Kandy Esala Perahera.