These Are the World’s Biggest, Best Zoos

Saint Louis Zoo. Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

These are the biggest and best zoos in the world. They are ranked by size, species variety, and their conservation work. How many have you been to?

San Diego Zoo (California)

Over 800 species and approximately 4,000 animals can be discovered on the 100-acre grounds of San Diego Zoo. It is one of the most famous and popular zoos in the world for a reason.

St. Louis Zoo (Missouri)

Not only does St. Louis Zoo contain an incredible variety of rare and endangered animals, but it’s also totally free to enter.

The Singapore Zoo (Singapore)

The Singapore Zoo rehomes endangered species and is devoted to wildlife conservation. Visitors can experience wildlife after dark as part of the night safari.

Toronto Zoo (Toronto)

Toronto is a great place to enjoy thousands of animals, many of which are native to Canada. Guests can also touch stingrays and ride camels in addition to observing the animals that reside there.

Wellington Zoo (New Zealand)

Wellington Zoo is the first zoo in New Zealand. It’s 32 acres big and you will encounter endangered species native to Australasia. This includes the miniature sun bear.

Yokohama Zoo (Japan)

Yokohama Zoo is divided into seven distinct areas: Asian Tropical Forest, Central Asian Highland, Oceanian Grassland, Japanese Countryside, African Tropical Rainforest, and the Amazon Jungle. The areas are huge and you will be able to lose yourself in the natural habitat of the world’s creatures.