These Are Spain’s 4 Best Cities for Tapas

Planning a trip to Spain? If so, you have to start thinking about where to travel in order to try the best “tapas.”

These little plates of food are eaten along with a drink. Depending on where you travel, they might even come free with your drink order!

Here are our recommendations for the four best tapas cities in Spain.


Located in Andalusia is the southern city of Granada. Here, you’ll find excellent and generous tapas that are provided for free with a drink. Be sure to try local favorites like gazpacho, a cold tomato soup, and all kinds of meat dishes.

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This small northwestern city might not have the most fame for tourists, but its tapas scene is fantastic. Another city where tapas are included with a drink order, you have to try Leon classics such as blood sausage and “cecina,” a dried, cured beef product.


Love free seafood tapas? Vigo is the right city for you. Located on the Atlantic Ocean in the region of Galicia, bars here typically provide a seafood-inspired tapa made with local ingredients such as mussels or seafood rice with your drink order.

San Sebastian

The tapas in San Sebastian aren’t free as they are in the other cities on the list, but they are delicious. Try Basque tapas (called “pintxos”) in the Old Town near La Concha Beach and be ready to try all kinds of unique flavors.