“Under” is the World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant

Under is a new underwater restaurant that just opened in Norway and it’s currently the biggest one in the world. It was designed by the architecture company Snøhetta and it is the only one of its kind in Europe. The restaurant is located at the very east of the country, on the coast of the North Sea.

The restaurant has been flooded with reservations for months before it finally opened in March 2019.

“Half-sunken into the icy waters of Lindesnes, Under invites you to dine five meters below the surface. The panoramic view of the seabed offers a visual gateway to the sea and connects the guests to the wildlife outside. This provides you with an opportunity to take in the otherwise rarely seen marine ecosystem of the North Atlantic Ocean,” the restaurant’s website reads.

The photos we got to see are the proof that visiting Under is a truly spectacular experience.