Try These Local Liquors When You Travel to These Countries

Photo by John Hernandez on Unsplash

Every country has its own drinking traditions, and if you travel to any of these countries, don’t be surprised if you’re offered these liquors at a bar or restaurant! And if you are, always say yes, because if they’re offering you’re not getting charged for it!


There are so many misconceptions about what Spaniards actually drink, and the truth is it varies from region to region. In Andalusian, it’s definitely more common to have a cold fruity drink like sangria since it’s so hot, while in Basque Country they love vermouth.

If you’re ever in Galicia though, you’ll definitely be offered a coffee liquor called licor cafe. It’s usually homemade by each restaurant, and it’s the perfect alternative to a standard coffee.


Most countries in the Middle East have a liquor that’s similar, but the best is in Israel where you can find arak. Arak is an anise-flavored liquor, and is perfect for digestion or just the start of a great night!


A lot of people think of Italy and automatically think limoncello, but in Tuscany, you’ll find another liquor being offered to you after dinner. Grappa is a grape flavored brandy, and it is such a delicious change to limoncello.