5 Bizarre Rules For Traveling In Antartica

Photo by James Eades on Unsplash

Antarctica is one of the most stunning places on the planet for wildlife observation. Its delicate ecosystem and the fact it is a hot spot for scientific research means there are some pretty strict rules. Here are five that may surprise you.


The Antarctica ecosystem is fragile which means there are strict rules when it comes to bringing any form of life. Everything you bring must be thoroughly decontaminated to avoid accidentally bringing over seeds.

Don’t Sail Into A Group of Dolphins

Sailing a boat into a group of dolphins may sound like the dream, but it counts as harassment and interferes with the dolphins’ well-being.

No Firearms

This one may seem obvious but even the military are banned from establishing bases in the Antarctic.

You Can’t Take Anything Home

Visitors are banned from taking anything home with them. This includes things like feathers or rocks are strictly banned. You can’t even take home man-made objects in case they are used in research.

Smoking Rules

If you smoke, you can only do so in designated areas of the Antarctic. You also must collect every bit of ash you make and deposit it in a waste disposal on dry land.