Scared of Flying? Here are Some Tips to Help You Get Over It

Does your fear of flying prevent you from seeing all the beauty the world has to offer? Aviophobia, a fear of flying, affects many and during COVID-19 many people are worried about contracting germs and viruses while on a plain. Regardless of your trigger, here are some ways to alleviate your anxiety.

Minimize Turbulence

Turbulence happens due to windy conditions and it’s totally normal. Planes are designed to handle and minimize turbulence. Technology can even predict areas of turbulence so pilots can avoid these areas and ensure a smoother ride.

Talk to Your Flight Attendants

Flights attendants are there to make your ride as comfortable as possible. They’re trained to handle health incidents like fainting and hyperventilation. It’s their number one priority to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Choose Your Seat

To have more control of your flight, choose a seat to avoid triggers. If you’re afraid of heights, avoid the window seats and if you want to see what’s going on outside at all times, choose the window seat. If you feel claustrophobic or restless, opt for an aisle seat.

Fly Anyway!

The best way to get over a phobia is with exposure therapy which allows you to come into contact with the feared stimulus to disprove your fears. Avoiding your fears only makes them worse, so go ahead and get on that plane!