Here’s Why You Should Create a Musical Travel Scrapbook

Listening to music together
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

When people travel, they often want something to remember their time with. While journals and scrapbooks are great, the concept of a musical scrapbook is something else. The basic premise is that for each person you meet and have a connection with while traveling, you are then asked to suggest one song for your playlist. Here are some reasons why you should do this on your travels.

A Personal Collection

Music is so personal to people, so by asking people for their suggestions, you will end up with something so unique to your experiences and the people you met. 

Gain Some New Music Inspo

It can be hard to find new music, but this is an easy way to learn loads of new artists and genres. You’ll have your own playlist of eclectic and unique offerings, that will also serve as a great reminder of your trip.

Helps to Connect With People

If you have met people you feel a connection with but are struggling to delve any deeper, then this is ideal. You can explain to people the premise, and when you ask for their contribution they will feel really special to input to it, and your connection will grow even stronger.