3 Great UK Destinations for Wildlife Spotting 

Cairngorms National Park, Highlands, Scotland, UK
Cairngorms National Park, Highlands, Scotland, UK. Photo by ali elliott on Unsplash

The UK may be a small island, but it has a vast range of landscapes within it. This variety of sceneries means that there are some amazing places that have an abundance of wildlife. Here are three of the best places.

The Broads National Park, Norfolk

Norfolk is well known for its wildlife sightings, and this national park is no exception. The winding rivers and wetlands are the perfect place for so many species, and you’ll find some of the UK’s rarest wildlife here. Many of the rivers can be traveled via boat, so this is an idyllic way to spot some great sights.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

This stunning mountainous area is world-famous for its rare and varied wildlife. The incredible range of forests and greenery is home to some very unusual species, including the majestic golden eagle. Additionally, the wonderful red deer can be spotted roaming the hills. 

Snowdonia National Park, Wales

This national park covers a huge area of dramatic mountain ranges with jagged edges and a wonderful variety of alpine plants. As such, there are great numbers of birds of prey to be spotted. The wild mountain goats are also a great sight to see.