Crawley Edge Boatshed is One of Perth’s Dreamiest Spots

Perth is home to many impressive buildings and natural wonders, but one tiny boathouse somehow managed to become its most Instagrammable spot. Crawley Edge Boatshed has been around since the 1930s but managed to become a major tourist attraction in the last two decades.

This tiny blue boathouse is located on the Swan River in Perth’s suburb of Crawley. The affluent Nattrass family owned it since the 1940s, but even they couldn’t have predicted how popular it would become many decades later.

Despite its incredibly simple design, Crawley Edge Boatshed is now considered as one of Perth’s top tourist attractions. It owes its popularity to striking blue color, dreamy riverside location, and thousands of Instagram posts under the hashtag #blueboathouse that put it on everyone’s radar.

Crawley Edge Boatshed is the prime example of a tourist attraction that owes its success to social media. It doesn’t come with an incredible backstory or rich history, but people still can’t resist seeing this blue boathouse in person and taking dreamy photos for their Instagram feed.