7 Phrases To Learn Before Traveling To Any Foreign-Speaking Country

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Although you may not have the time and energy for a full-on language course before your trip, learning a few key phrases can be an immensely positive experience. It’s an easy way to show respect for local culture. So, let’s jump in—here are 7 essential phrases to look up before you fly. 


Greeting someone in their local language is the first step in breaking the ice. It demonstrates your willingness to engage and respect the local culture.

Thank You

Expressing gratitude is universal. Learning to say “thank you” in the local language is a small gesture that goes a long way.


These are probably the most basic yet crucial words to know in any language. 

Excuse Me/Sorry 

Whether you’re navigating through crowded streets or need to get someone’s attention, knowing how to say “excuse me” or “sorry” is a huge help.

How Much? 

This question is invaluable for shopping, dining out, or taking taxis. 

I Don’t Understand 

Communicating that you’re having trouble understanding can open up avenues for alternative forms of communication.

Do You Speak English?

While not everyone will speak English, asking politely can help you find someone who does, making it easier to get information or assistance.



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