3 Spots in Guayaquil, Ecuador That You Have to Put on Your Bucket List

Photo by Jose Garcia on Unsplash

Most people visit Ecuador for its natural wonders, but the city dwellers won’t be disappointed by everything this country has in store either. Its largest city of Guayaquil is bursting with life and color, and these three spots alone make it worth the visit.

Malecón 2000

A walk down Malecón 2000 is the quintessential Guayaquil experience. This beautiful boardwalk overlooking the Guayas River is divided into three separate sections, offering everything from relaxing plazas to lavish restaurants and shopping experiences.

Santa Ana Hill

If you want to get the most amazing views in all of Guayaquil, Santa Ana Hill is the place to be. In addition to being home to a lighthouse and a tiny chapel, Santa Ana Hill will impress you with its rich history because it’s the place where the first people coming to Guayaquil decided to settle.

Parque Seminario

Parque Seminario may seem like an ordinary city plaza at first, but there’s a catch. This spot is best known for its iguana population, and you’ll spot these animals roaming freely around this historic park. The tourists can even feed them with mango slices bought from park vendors.