Stay at Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada

There are certain hotels that simply astound every guest that stays at them, and Newfoundland’s Fogo Island Inn is one of them. The hotel was designed by Canadian architect, Todd Saunders, who is based in Norway. It embodies all of the architectural designs associated with Norway, such as floor to ceiling windows, and the feeling of hygge throughout it. 

There are only 29 guest rooms, and each one offers a stunning view of the shores of Fogo Island. The rooms have been created with all natural elements, like wood, stone, cotton, and wool. You won’t find a lot of plastic in this hotel. There are also wood burning stoves, to keep guests toasty during the cold Newfoundland winters.

Prices start at $1,197 per night.

The Backdrop

Fogo Island is an island off of Newfoundland. With the exception of the Inn, the island’s natural environment has been left untouched. The thought behind this is that guests are there to commune with nature, not leave their footprint there. Guests have the opportunity to see migratory herds of caribou run through during the winter, and even the Northern Lights if they are lucky.

This is literally an Inn in one of the corners of the Earth, and you will truly be able to disconnect here.