Valley of the Kings Isn’t the Only Amazing Place That Luxor Has In Store

Photo by Peter Nicola on Unsplash

Whenever someone mentions Luxor, Valley of the Kings is the first thing that pops to mind, but it’s not the only reminder of its rich historical heritage. This ancient Egyptian city is home to many more monuments, temples, and tombs that you can explore during your visit.


Located on the east bank of the Nile River, Karnak is a vast historic complex of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and structures. It’s one of the most visited historical sites in all of Egypt, and its magnitude will give you a new appreciation of this country’s ancient past.

Luxor Temple

Another major tourist attraction on the Nile’s east bank, Luxor Temple is the city’s most important place of worship and it’s been around since 1400 BCE. This temple is believed to be the oldest standing religious building still in use because there’s an active mosque on its premises.

Medinet Habu

Located in close proximity to the Valley of the Queens, and many more important historical sites, this ancient temple was built in the honor of Ramesses III and it now serves as his tomb. It’s best known for being home to decorated wall reliefs that depict the defeat of the Sea Peoples.