You Should Visit These Castles In Ireland

Something mystic, something old, something twisted, something odd! Every castle has its own history, filled with drama, mystery, romance, and intrigues. The wish of knowing how it was in the old times and the search for something unusual inevitably brings you to castles. Here are some of the castles in Ireland that you may want to visit.

Blarney Castle

You want a challenge? Blarney Castle is the home of a legend that says if you kiss a certain stone while hanging upside-down over a 10 story drop, you get the ‘gift of gab’! There are so many legends about how the stone made it to the castle and one of them even includes banshees. You can skip this of course, but don’t skip the floral garden spread over 60 acres.

The Rock of Cashel

When the devil took a bite from the nearby mountain and broke his tooth, the Rock of Cashel fell from his mouth to where it stands today. Not only because it’s the devil’s tooth but because it has a glorious structure. This complex is consisted of a chapel, the castle and a cathedral.

Bunratty Castle

This castle is definitely unlike any other as it has been rebuilt four times. Built on a former Viking trading camp, this castle even offers you a medieval feast.