Hot Springs, North Carolina Should Be On Your Bucket List!

Hot Springs, North Carolina is a town in the western part of the state. It’s famous for, no surprise, for the natural hot spring located in the town. This is actually quite an unusual site because it’s the only hot spring in all of North Carolina, and one of the only ones in all of the southeastern region of the US. It’s such a beautiful place to visit, so you really need to get there!

The hot springs have been turned into a private spa, and when you go there are lots of tubs to choose from that are filled with the natural spring water. There are a lot of different options that the spa offers, but some of them are actually really reasonable in price.

Beyond the hot springs, you can enjoy access to the French Broad River and go rafting and kayaking as well! Hot Springs is also a site on the Appalachian Trail, so there are hiking trails that you can enjoy also. The closest big city to Hot Springs is Asheville, which is just 30 miles away. Asheville is the perfect place to go for amazing food, music, small batch beer, and overall cultural activities.