Check Out Hin Bus Depot In George Town, Malaysia

Penang is a buzzing city with plenty to do and plenty to eat. It is bursting with street art and has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. This is especially true of George Town, where you can spend an entire afternoon taking in the town’s creativity and warmth.

Still, a city is a city and sometimes it’s nice to escape the hustle and bustle and visit somewhere with no cars and no traffic. Just outside of George Town, you will find Hin Bus Depot and it’s the perfect bohemian bubble inside the city.

The Depot may be small but there is plenty to do. There are several hidden shops selling unique handmade crafts and on Saturdays, there is a yard sale. A live DJ keeps your spirits up in the heat and children dart around, playing on the lawn. There’s also plenty of street art including a spectacular mural of a tiger.

Among the little art shops is an adorable cafe which is the definition of “Instagrammable”. Their all vegan menu offers plenty of healthy treats including what we can guarantee will be the best smoothie you’ve ever had. The decor inside is too cute and includes wooden swings at the bar and by the tables. The best part is that the cafe is very much a hidden gem, so it’s usually pretty quiet.

The main feature of Hin Bus Depot is the gallery at the front of the lawn. The contemporary art space gives local artists a chance to showcase their work and network. It’s also great for tourists to check out a different kind of art from the Malay people.

So whether you want to try some yoga, see some art or just have a breather, Hin Bus Depot is a lovely hidden gem in Penang.