Top 5 Countries for Adventure Seekers

Image by @ Bethany Ciullo / Flickr

People like to jet off travel for a variety of reasons. Some like the hot, warm sand of the beach beneath their toes; some travel based on culinary inclinations; and others go because they need to fulfill a sense of adventure. Those in the latter group may travel so they can partake in extreme sports, visit a traditionally “unsafe” locale, or merely do things there that cannot be done where they’re from or elsewhere.

Adventure clearly comes in many forms, and we applaud the travelers who set off in search for an adrenaline rush. If you feel the need to get away and spice up your life for once in a lifetime experiences, then consider traveling to one of the following countries that are great for adventure seekers of all kinds:


The Amazon; Iguazú (world’s largest waterfall system); Pantanal (world’s biggest wetlands); Carnival festival.


30,000 miles of coastline; the Great Barrier Reef; the Outback.


Haida Gwaii (“The Final Frontier”); northern safari in Manitoba; winter sporting activities along the vast Trans Canada Trail.

New Zealand

For any and every recreational and extreme sport you can imagine; cave exploring in Waitomo; river rafting on the North Island; bungee jumping in Auckland.


The Azores; paddle down the Sabor and Tua Rivers; surf on Guincho Beach; ride horses and drink wine through the vineyards of Alentejo.