Are Yoga Retreats Worth Your Money?

Photo by Edit Sztazics on Unsplash

Yoga and wellness retreats are really huge these days and are usually set in beautiful, sometimes remote places, so you can really distance yourself from your daily life and live in the present.

But, this never comes without a cost. The cheapest yoga retreat you’ll probably find will run you anywhere from $600 to several thousand, just for a few days or a week.

So, are they really worth it?

The general premise of a yoga retreat is, of course, to do yoga, at least two times or more frequently throughout the day, but it’s also a place to meditate, meet like-minded people, and try to center yourself more.

These days, there are retreats for people who practice yoga at every level, so you can always find one that meets your standards.

Although doing yoga on beautiful beaches, being in nature, and experiencing a whole new environment is incredible in and of itself, it’s really not possible unless you’re super financially stable.

A better alternative might be to go that same beautiful place and check out a resort or even just a local yoga studio that you can visit and continue practicing during your vacation. This isn’t as glamorous as a good setup retreat, but it’s sure to be just as inspiring and a lot cheaper.