Three Of The Best Medieval Cities Across Europe

Siena, Italy
Photo by Martti Salmi on Unsplash

Even if you’re not a history buff, it’s undeniable that visiting a medieval city leaves an impression. Europe boasts a great many authentic city centers which tourists can explore, here are three of the very best.

Tours, France

The capital of the stunning Loire Valley, this city offers winding streets and stunning buildings dating from the medieval-era onwards. With ancient markets still taking place daily, and a generally relaxed way of life, stopping by in this city for a few days really does feel like stepping back in time.

Ghent, Belgium

From the giant replica of a medieval feasting-hall in the center, to the beautiful churches, Ghent offers travellers a sense of a bygone age. Although not technically medieval, check out the famous altarpieces in Ghent’s cathedral, painted by the Renaissance master Jan van Eyck. Then, wander the pretty cobbled streets with a tasty Belgian waffle in hand, admiring the canals and the boats gliding by on them.

Siena, Italy

A long-standing rivalry with its neighbor Florence meant that Siena gradually added to its urban developments, until its center developed into one of the most stunning urban areas in all of Europe. There are many museums and galleries in Siena, but you may wish to simply wander the streets, taking the beauty, grandeur and history in.

Whether you’re seeking to step back in time, or simply want to experience some beautiful architecture, visiting some of Europe’s medieval cities is a must-do.