Dark Sky Destinations Across the UK

Northumberland, United Kingdom
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Light pollution is one of the elements of modern life that many of us put up with, but every night our cities and towns obscure the beauties of the night sky from us. If you’re in the UK, check out one of the dedicated ‘dark sky’ locations. When the skies are clear, these spots will offer some of the most stunning views of the wonders of our galaxy.

Northumberland, UK

This county in the north-east of the UK is one of its most isolated and under-populated. This means that it is an excellent place to enjoy the wonders of the night sky, the best months are September to January when the sun sets early, maximizing your chances of seeing shooting stars alongside the beautiful constellations.

Exmoor, Devon

This national park, situated in the north of the county of Devon, offers stunning moorland vistas by day, and beautiful night-sky panoramas by night. Bring a telescope if you have one, as the lack of light pollution makes observing the surface of the moon or other cosmic sights easier than in normal settings.

Bardsey Island, Wales

This is a truly special site. By day, look to the waves to spot rare marine life, including dolphins, pilot whales, and seals. As the night comes in, look upwards. At certain times of the year, meteor showers are easily visible. Many visitors comment on the brightness of the moon, when there are no artificial lights on the island. A rare and beautiful spot.

City-dwellers can forget about the majesty of the night sky, as so often the majority of the stars are obscured by light pollution. Take time to get out to a dark sky sanctuary and experience the beauty of the night sky yourself.