Three Of The Spookiest Places To Visit in the UK

Tower of London, London, UK
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

As fall rapidly approaches, many of us start to think about Halloween and all that spooky season brings. If you’re going to be in the UK over October, make the most of the country’s history and scary locations by checking out some of the spooky spots. Here are three locations to inspire you.

York Ghost Tour

The city of York is ancient (you can explore Roman ruins beneath the pavements of the city), and everyone knows that the older a place is, the spookier it feels. Book onto one of the city’s many ghost tours (ideally just as it’s getting dark), and an expert local will guide you through the narrow, twisting streets, telling you all of the most ghastly tales linked with the city sites. Head to one of the many old-fashioned pubs after, for a nerve-settling drink beside a roaring fire.

Tower of London

Many famous faces have been held prisoner in this ancient site, and exploring it you can really get a sense of the history of this prison. Guided tours will provide you with all of the grisly details, and kids and adults alike will enjoy the interactive elements of exhibits.

Lindisfarne, Northumberland

Stunning by day, as night closes in this small island with the ruins of a 9th century monastery starts to feel particularly lonely and isolated. This was the place where Vikings first attacked England, murdering the monks and sacking their monastery before returning to the sea. Windswept and surrounded by the sea, taake the chance to stay in one of the island’s hotels to get a true taste of island life.

The UK is a country riddled with ghost tales and spectral hauntings, so make the most of spooky season and check out some of its most ghoulish locations.