3 Great Cafes to Visit in Marseilles, France

Image via zephyr_marseille/Instagram

Marseilles is a fabulously lively, bustling city on the southern coast of France. While some may say it lacks the glamor of Nice and Cannes, admirers of Marseilles would point out it more than makes up for this in terms of its exciting night life, vibrant food scene and rich cultural heritage. If you’re visiting the French city, you must visit at least one of these fantastic cafes, each of which serves up a slice of Marseille’s food culture in its own unique way.

Cafe Simon

Although it calls itself a cafe, this establishment is more like a relaxed restaurant. As well as coffees, cakes and pastries, you will find plenty of traditional dishes on offer (such as the delicious fish stew Bouillabaisse, and plenty of incredible salads). Despite the slightly imposing decor, staff at Cafe Simon are happy to let you sit and relax long after you’ve finished your meal or coffee, so it’s a great option to choose if you fancy a bit of people watching.

Flashback Cafe

This cool cafe celebrates all things from the nineties, so if you’re after a bit of nostalgia (or an insight into French nineties culture) then visit this centrally located cafe. The food is great, the drinks menu is wide-ranging and extensive, and in the evenings the cafe transforms into a karaoke bar for some fabulous fun and hilarity.

Zephyr Cafe

If you want to eat beautiful food in a beautiful setting, Zephyr Cafe is for you. All of the interior decor has been meticulously planned, to create a light and airy space with plenty of stunning highlights. Even the pastel crockery on which your freshly made pastry is served is super pretty. Sit here and relax with a book, update your Instagram with some great snaps, or simply take in the lovely space around you.