Why You Should Travel to Scandinavia in The Summer

Frozen shed in the tundra
Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

So, you’re pondering a summer trip but want something a little different? Let’s talk about Scandinavia. Endless daylight to fuel your adventures, a perfect climate that’s never too hot, and scenes so stunning they seem pulled from a fairy tale. It’s the best time to truly experience what Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have to offer. Let’s take a closer look.

Midnight Sun

One of the most magical phenomena you can experience in Scandinavia is the Midnight Sun. In the northern parts of Norway and Sweden, the sun never sets during parts of June and July, providing 24 hours of daylight. Just imagine hiking at midnight under a sunlit sky or enjoying a late evening picnic on the beach—it’s all possible under the Midnight Sun.

Outdoor Adventures

The vast, unspoiled nature of Scandinavia is ideal for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Norway has some of the best hiking and fishing in the world. Sweden’s extensive coastline and thousands of lakes are perfect for canoeing and sailing, while Denmark’s flat terrain makes it excellent for cycling tours. 

Local Produce and Seafood

Lastly, Scandinavian cuisine is at its best in summer when local produce and seafood are at their freshest. From Swedish strawberries to Norwegian salmon, the food is a highlight of any Scandinavian summer trip.