Three Of The Best Cycling Holiday Destinations Around Europe

Cycling in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo by Luis Efigenio on Unsplash

When it goes well, nothing beats a cycling holiday. Gliding through beautiful countryside by day, and fuelling yourself with delicious local delicacies in the evening, if you choose the right location—these holidays can be relaxing, fun, and good exercise. Check out this list of some of the top destinations in Europe for your next biking adventure.

Sentein, French Pyrenees

The idea of cycling through a mountain range may seem daunting, but if you stick to the valley floor the climbs and descents are manageable. Cycling through these valleys, you will be rewarded with unbeatable views of glacial mountain ranges and green forests. This area is remote, so make the most of each village and treat it as a pit stop. Try some of the local delicacies, including the rich and filling tartiflette. Stay in the villages, or in mountain cabins for a really remote feel.

Sicilian coastline, Italy

If you head to the south of Sicily, the roads are quieter and offer long stretches of peaceful cycling with fantastic views. Generally, these routes are fairly easy, without too much climbing, although if you choose to descend down to the beaches you will have a steep pedal back up! There are many gorgeous towns and villages to stop in, don’t miss trying the fresh pasta, pizza, and seafood. Avoid the hottest summer months, as cycling in July’s heat could be unbearable.

Dutch countryside, Netherlands

This is where you will find the best cycling country in Europe. Flat, with wide, smooth paths dedicated to cycling, a biking holiday in the Netherlands feels very civilized. You could start in one of the major cities, such as Amsterdam or Utrecht, and head for the rural areas, or start rural and make a beeline for a city. The country is small, so you can explore a lot of it on a bike. If you travel there in the springtime, you will get the pleasure of cycling past many fields of flowering tulips and other flowers.

Cycling holidays are fun, active, and a great way to explore a new country. Make sure you check the road rules of your destination before you go, and plan a few rest days so you don’t get exhausted.