Thinking of Going on a Safari? Consider These Countries

Serengeti, Tanzania. Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

As we all begin to think about what travel plans we can make after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, many of you are probably considering a big trip after being stuck at home for so long.

African safaris are a great option for this start of travel, but you might not know where to start out when planning to go on one. As a starting point, these are three countries with excellent safari options that I recommend that you consider.


Often considered to be “the birthplace of safari travel,” Kenya is a classic pick for African exploration and one of the best options out there. The Masai Mara National Park, the home of lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, and hippos, among other animals, is the most popular region to explore.


There is no shortage of natural areas with wildlife to explore in Tanzania, as the western half of the country is full of game reserves and reserves like the Serengeti National Park. You will be amazed at the herds of animals like wildebeests and rhinos that can be seen here.


South Africa, Botswana’s neighbor to the south, might be more famous for safaris, but this smaller country might be an even better option. Giraffes and hyenas abound in places like the Kalahari Game Reserve, a natural, dry grassland with normally pleasant weather and great sightlines.