These Quirky Attractions Will Make You See Cyprus in a Whole New Light

Where to visit in Cyprus
Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash

Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands, but its sun-kissed beaches aren’t the only things that make it worth the visit. This tiny European country hides many amazing quirky attractions on its shores, and these three will make you appreciate it even more.

Zenobia Wreck

Amazing scuba diving spots aren’t that hard to find in Cyprus, but none of them compare to the shipwreck of MS Zenobia. This is one of the best shipwreck diving sites in the entire world, and you don’t even have to fully dive in to see the sunken ship because the water is crystal clear.

Fairy Tale Museum

Cyprus’ capital city of Nicosia is home to several museums that allow you to explore the history of this country, but none of them compare to this one. Fairy Tale Museum will awaken your inner child through interactive exhibits that pay homage to everyone’s favorite childhood fairytales, from Cinderella to Alice in Wonderland.

Monastery of St Nicholas of the Cats

If you’re a huge cat lover, make sure to check out the tiny village of Akrotiri while in Cyprus. It’s best known for Saint Nicholas of the Cats, the ancient monastery that became home to a large group of cats after they were imported to Cyprus when the island was infested with poisonous snakes.