Lands End is One of San Francisco’s Most Magical Hidden Gems

Where to visit in San Francisco
Photo by Natalie Chaney on Unsplash

You’ll never run out of amazing places to explore while in San Francisco, but one of them is so breathtaking that it’ll have you coming back over and over again. Lands End is one of the city’s best-hidden gems, and it offers stunning views of Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay.

Located in the northwest region of San Francisco, this stunning trail is located on rocky cliffs above the ocean. That’s why it’s one of the best places in the city to get amazing shots of its top attractions, but Lands End offers much more than a photo op and amazing hiking trails.

The history of this beautiful trail is pretty interesting, and it just happens to be the home of the ruins of the Sutro Baths. This isn’t even the main reason why people want to check it out. Many tourists come here looking for “the hidden labyrinth” overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Designed by the local artist Eduardo Aguilera, this labyrinth was built with nothing but stone, but that’s not stopping it from looking amazing. After being destroyed and rebuilt time and time again, it became a unique symbol of resilience and one of Lands End’s most recognizable landmarks.