Top Spots for Book Lovers Visiting Johannesburg, South Africa

The bookstores of Johannesburg
Photo by Clodagh Da Paixao on Unsplash

If you’re a book lover visiting South Africa, you shouldn’t miss Johannesburg for the world. Independent bookstores with precious second-hand books are scattered all around this city, and here are some of the very best.

Collectors Treasury

Visiting Johannesburg without checking out Collectors Treasury is like never going at all. With millions of items on its shelves, this is the largest shop of used and rare books on the entire African continent, and we wouldn’t judge you if you spent hours exploring its floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Bridge Books

One of the most popular independent bookstores in downtown Johannesburg, Bridge Books puts an effort into showcasing African writers, but international titles are also on sale.

Love Books

Located in the Melville neighborhood, this bookstore is known for its cozy décor and quaint atmosphere. It has an amazing children’s selection and hosts frequent events for kids.

L’Elephant Terrible

If you’re a huge fan of second-hand bookstores, this quaint shop is just the place you need. Located inside the 44 Stanley complex, L’Elephant Terrible perfectly captures the vibe of this retro shopping complex and it will win you over with its cozy vibe and crowded bookshelves.