These Are the Top Restaurants in Miami

Photo by Ryan Parker on Unsplash

Miami is known for its amazing nightclubs, incredible blue waters, and party attitude. However, Miami is also home to some of the best restaurants made up from the melting pot of people who live there. If you are lucky enough to go and want to go an authentic Miami culinary experience, these are the restaurants to go to.

Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine

Versailles is an iconic Cuban restaurant that is beloved by locals, celebrities, tourists, and everything in between. While there are many Cuban restaurants in Miami since there is a massive Cuban population, Versailles is a pillar in the Cuban community that is appreciated by all. Anything on their menu will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean, and make sure to get a coffee as well!

Joe’s Stone Crab

A lot of people probably don’t think about the seafood Miami serves up enough, but it’s right on the ocean and is actually famous for its blue stone crabs. These crabs are most in season between October and May, so if you’re there on the offseason, which is recommended, you have to stop at Joe’s Stone Crab to get a taste. The restaurant has been around for over 100 years and is another Miami institution.

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