How to Snorkel With Manatees In Florida’s Crystal River

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

The Crystal River in Florida is 70 miles north of Tampa. Here, you can snorkel with magnificent manatees – aquatic creatures which can weigh over 3,000 pounds.

Crystal River is the only place in North America where you can legally enjoy these mammals in the wild. Although they are huge, manatees are harmless and curious creatures. They are gentle and approachable so visitors are welcome to get up close during their snorkel.

The best place to book a tour is through Captain Mike’s “Swimming With Manatees”. Prices start from as little as $20 and you are guaranteed to see the creatures in their natural habitat.

The website explains: “Manatees or sea cows are perhaps the humblest creatures on our planet. Their lovable appearance and peculiar mannerisms make them a favorite among Florida tourists, especially children.

“In recent decades, the Crystal River river area has emerged as one of the most often visited manatee habitats in the United States. The guided tours in this region attract tourists throughout the year to watch, touch and even swim alongside these magnificent sea creatures.”

You can find out more and book tours here.