These Are the Most Instagrammable Places in the World in 2020

Photo by Kyle Hinkson on Unsplash

Big Seven Travel recently revealed the 50 most Instagrammable places in the world for this year and their choices are really interesting! There’s everything on the list, from big cities to places with a lot of nature, and here are the top 5 they chose.

You can check out the full list here.

#5 Singapore

Singapore is the small island city-state with plenty to see and take photos of. From futuristic bridges to incredible hotels, the architecture of the place will wow you.

#4 New York City

New York City is among the most exciting cities in the world and there are always new things to explore and photograph. Different parts of the city have different energy and you can always find new, interesting things to photograph.

#3 Dubai

Talking about glamorous destinations, it doesn’t get much better than Dubai. Elevate your Insta feed with photos of luxury hotels, lovely beaches, and rooftop lounges.

#2 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a trending destination in 2020, and if you’ve never visited it before, it’s time to finally do it. Aside from beautiful skylines and numerous food corners, Hong Kong is 70% made of mountains and parks.

#1 Sydney

Expect to see Sydney all around your social media in 2020, and if you’re up for an adventure, join in on the fun and visit this Australian city yourself.