Having a Great Time In Fiji On a Budget!

Tokoriki Island, Fiji. Photo by Gary Runn on Unsplash

This South Pacific destination can be host to a luxurious vacation, but you can go on a trip that’s packed with fun activities and amazing views even on a budget.

Island Hopping

One of the best ways to truly experience Fiji’s exotic beaches is by visiting several islands. While pre-booked tourist boat trips and local flights can be pricey, try going to the port and get on board a local boat, or even a ferryboat, it is a genuine and unique experience.

Public Transport

While taxis are aimed at resort tourists and are quite expensive, taking the local busses is very cheap and is often a great experience. They typically go all around the island for the price of a ticket and can provide a very chill introduction to the local scenery.

Eating Local Food

If you can, eat like a local. This will also make your trip all the more authentic. Go around the markets and look at the unique fruits, vegetables, and spices available. The vendors will often be happy to share tips on how to cook what they sell. Eat at little shops that offer “special fried rice” and buy snacks at roadside stalls.